“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.”

- John Lennon

Allio's team has been assembled bringing together the best minds in finance, product, design and operations to bring our users the best finance experience ever.

Allio Portrait Joseph

Joseph Gradante


Joseph is a finance vet from NYC whose Aunt & Uncle helped pioneer the formation of the early hedge fund industry. He has an extensive background in capital markets, having spent several years as a buy-side global macro strategist, sales trader, and private money manager.

A natural entrepreneur who graduated during the ‘Great Recession’ he feels a special kinship and responsibility to Gen Z and Millenials to help them adapt to the new structural changes in the global economy. He used his experience navigating business cycles as the inspiration to build an investment app that truly gives all people access to advanced savings and investment strategies designed to hedge inflation by optimizing upside potential with downside protection via a combination of ML and human oversight via the Allio finance team.

He currently resides in Lake Oswego, Oregon with his 2 playful French Bulldogs Giuseppe and Moe.


Adam Damko, CFA

Lead Quantitative Analyst / Advisor

Adam has over ten years of experience in creating machine learning models for financial and economic analysis. He has worked for multiple companies growing his passion for investing and technology along the way. Adam is enthusiastic about building automated investing models. He uses machine learning to forecast relative returns for thousands of companies. Taking the highest conviction forecasts, Adam creates optimized portfolios with the goal of making portfolios with market-beating risk-return profiles.

Adam is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He currently resides in Wisconsin with his wife and enjoys playing some golf in his spare time.

Allio Portrait David

David Chen

Principal Engineer

David is a tech enthusiast with an analytical prowess for building innovative systems. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from U.C. Berkeley and a Masters in Structural Engineering from MIT, but the rapidly growing web technologies inspired him to solve larger-scale problems as a full-stack software engineer.

Before co-founding Allio, David spent several years as a Senior Software Engineer at Minted, where he built integrated BIM tools and led multiple discipline teams aimed at improving user experience and conversion rates. When he is not at his computer, David enjoys hiking, snowboarding, exploring nature, and taking photos.

He currently lives in San Francisco, California.

Allio Portrait Jonathan

Jonathon Gray

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Jonathon is a full stack engineer with over ten years of experience across a broad range of industries (health, finance and sports science). Prior to joining Allio, Jonathon worked on modernizing clinical programs, replacing traditional methods with modern efficient software. Jon enjoys learning new technologies and libraries, really likes coffee, and can beat anyone down a mountain (pick a way).

He currently resides near Sacramento, California with his wife and 3 kids.

Allio Portrait Robot

Jackson Graves

Full-Stack Engineer

Jackson is a full stack engineer with an emphasis on frontend and product. After working in the energy industry, he joined Allio to build fintech solutions for the next generation of investors.

Jacob Cohen

Jacob Cohen

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Jacob comes to us from Titan, where he was a software engineer on the content and retirement funding team. He brings over 6 years of financial technology development experience to the Allio team. Jacob loves the challenge of helping a startup to find market fit and financial success.

Ben Bryant

Ben Bryant

Director of UX

Ben started his design aspirations painting and doing murals at a young age, this evolved to designing applications. Joining the Marines out of high school helped Ben build his team mentality that he pushes today. He has worked in the fintech industry for the past 6 years at a publicly traded company. He strives to put the customer first in everything he does. Ben thinks the financial sector has yet to hit the 21st century in how they create products for their customers.

If you don’t find Ben behind his screen, check in the sawdust because he also enjoys spending time creating custom furniture for friends and family.

Shiley Johnson

Shiley Johnson

Director of Operations

Shiley is an accomplished business operations leader with a passion for developing practical business solutions that drive growth. Over his 15 years of experience in consulting and technology services, Shiley has enjoyed building a portfolio of highly accomplished teams that produce amazing results. He has a passion for understanding the way things work and his formal education in Physiology from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Denver are evidence of such.

Shiley is a rare, but proud, Colorado-native raising his Colorado-native family with his Colorado-native wife to appreciate the way things used to be when they were kids.

Allio Portrait Daniel

Daniel Smith

Creative Strategy Manager

Daniel is, first and foremost, an artist. With an MFA from the University of Southern California's prestigious School of Cinematic Arts, he has dedicated both his personal and professional life to producing meaningful, innovative content. He applies this passion for art and design across the Creative Marketing landscape, having worked within Creative Strategy, Content Creation, and Art Direction with powerful brands including Meta, Lyft, and Live Nation Entertainment. His free time is spent drawing, painting, and having full conversations with his dog.

Allio Portrait Callie

Callie Gates

Marketing Director

Callie is a marketing leader with experience in product marketing strategy in niche startups. She currently lives outside of Seattle, Washington, and hates the rain.

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